Stacking the Shelves


 I got this idea from my favourite reoccurring post from my favourite book blog! These are the books I have added to my collection recently. Thanks to Kristy for being super inspirational!!


 This book was recommended to me a million times by customers and co-workers, and when it went to bestseller, I bought it for half price. I don’t usually read non-fiction, so I’m interested to see how I like it.


 Hatchet has been one of my all-time favourite books from childhood. I was forced to read it in grade seven and absolutely loved it and wanted to live in the wilderness just like Brian. I finally bought it at a used bookstore recently because I had never owned it.


 I have loved Demi Lovato since her Camp Rock days (Shh, it was early high school), and I love the message she sends to her fans as a fantastic role model. Finally ordered this when it never showed up at my store (still hasn’t).


 The friend who recommended Ready Player One to me also recommended this high fantasy series. Her other recommendation was such a hit with me that I took her word for it and picked this one up. It’s a 700-page mass market paperback, so it’s just sitting there enticing me, making me want to take it to a coffee shop and waste my homework time away.


 Oh my goodness, I LOVE this series. My favourite book of the year, all thanks to Kristy for another awesome recommendation. I seriously can’t say enough good things about this entire series (third one releases June, 2014) and every time I talk to a customer about it I just gush and barely explain the plot. I originally read it on my Kobo, so now I’m thrilled to actually own this beautifully designed covers.


 Book 2 of the Grisha Trilogy!

So that’s my first Stacking the Shelves post! I’m super excited about this! I love sharing the books I’m reading:)


Be a Part of the Story | IndieBound

I love this! It’s my favourite thing to give indie books a chance! I will always recommend one before a bestseller.

Some examples:

Ready Player One

Shadow and Bone

A Tale of Two Pipelines: The Kinder Morgan Project | CANYAP

I mentioned in my first post that I did some volunteering, and right now I’m a regional editor for Canadian Youth About Politics, or It’s a political news website that posts articles specifically with a youth/student audience in mind.

I had been looking for an opportunity like this for the longesttime, as politics and political apathy among youth is an important topic for me. So check out the website and see what you think! I have a team of writers I assign topics to, and this is a link to one of my team’s latest articles.

A Tale of Two Pipelines: The Kinder Morgan Project | CANYAP

Self-branding, commence!

Hello! Since I’m trying to make my way into the social media/communications/publishing industry, self-branding is SUPER important, so this is my newest challenge! I’m not new to social media, but I am brand-new to Tumblr.
I also had significant changes in my life in the past six months, so this is the perfect time to start documenting everything as the busiest time of my life begins.
In June, I transferred from my small home-town University to Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. I left a great job and my family, but brought my boyfriend along to pursue Communications and Publishing in the big city. Honestly, my home town is only 40 mins away.. but it was still a huge lifestyle change!
Now, I take transit to and from school and my new job at a large bookstore, I pay rent, I volunteer, and I get to attend super awesome events through a big university that SPOILS me compared to my old one. Now, I finally feel like I am starting on the path of a professional.
So one of the steps is getting my personal “brand” out there. I’ve heard a lot more about this since I started at SFU, and I am starting to work on this. It’s important for future jobs and career options, especially when it helps with networking.
However, I also want my blog to be fun. So my interests and hobbies will be popping up on here as well. I read (a lot), I love alternative health, I ski, I love politics, and I have a new cat (J.T., the sci-fi author, not the singer). Expect all these and more, plus my experience at SFU with my courses, volunteer experience, and everything else that goes along with being a student in Vancouver.
I’d love to connect with you guys if we have similar experiences and stories! One of my goals with this is to make friends in the blogosphere. Comment or message me and I’ll definitely reply! 🙂